YouTube Censors Comments Critical of Obama, Allows Republican Trashing by Warner Todd Huston

Apparently it’s all sweetness and light, unicorns and fuzzy bunnies in the YouTube comments section of Obama’s new hagiographic, hack-u-mentary short film directed by Academy Award-winning director David "star-struck" Guggenheim. Barely a cross word is seen there about the Obammessiah since most negative comments seem likely to have been deleted from the YouTube page leaving only the most sugary, sycophantic sap behind.

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Jews For Genocide

Dear Mr. Friedman:

I am deeply disappointed by your refusal to speak with me personally about some remarks you make to my editors at I have given you ample time to respond to my phone calls. Now, I’m responding to you in this open letter. I really have no other choice given your unwillingness to speak directly to the people you target with your misguided condescension. I’ll respond to your irresponsible remarks one paragraph at a time. Here goes:

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GMO Protesters Shut Down California Monsanto Office

While proposed government regulation, previous legal action, and the threat of agricultural collapse does not seem to affect Monsanto’s daily operations, it appears protesters can and do.
Dozens of protesters disrupted Monsanto’s California office in Davis, an area close to Sacramento, through vocal activism and calls to shut down the biotech giant with deep known ties into the United States government. Braving the rain, the dozens of protesters — not thousands — were successful in shutting down the entire office for the day.

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